Monday, 7 September 2009

Less opportunities for overseas students

Monday September 7, 08:06 AM
New Measures Back 'Home Grown' Workers
From Sky News

Many people from outside Europe will find it harder to get jobs in the UK when the Government announces a series of measures to favour "home-grown" workers.

British firms will be required to advertise for a month in UK Jobcentres before posting the same vacancy overseas.

The new rules will also double to a year the qualification period for skilled foreign workers to join multi-national companies.

But key public service workers or those with a masters degree will still be encouraged.

The measures, to be introduced by Home Secretary Alan Johnson later today, are among 16 proposals put forward by the Migration Advisory Committee.

They follow Gordon Brown's pledge of "British jobs for British workers".

It was made during a wave of strikes earlier this year over employing contractors from abroad.

Mr Johnson is due to accept all of the MAC's recommendations in a speech in London.

It is thought the changes would have excluded up to one in 10 of the foreign workers granted permits last year.

At present, jobs have to be advertised in the UK for on
ly a week before being offered abroad.

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